Hi, I'm Haytham.

Projects Manager and digital transformation consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the civic & non-profit organizations industry has deep functional and operational expertise in leading projects that reduce costs and increase performance and reliability. A proactive leader skilled in fostering positive morale, providing personal and professional development opportunities, and identifying intrinsic motivators.

What I Do

Digital Transformation Consulting

Helping organizations create and implement strategies related to digital transformation, public relations, web development, branding, and other fields.

Projects Management

My projects management experience helps non-profit organizations bring their missions to life, from strategic planning, performance measurement, and project implementation.

Web Development

Have a combination of graphic design skills and technical computer skills that allow me to create particular designs on web pages and deliver good-looking websites that are functional and secure and meet clients’ requirements.

Graphic Design

As a Graphic designer, I create visual communications to convey messages effectively and pleasingly.

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