Peng’s Takeaway is Alive with Digital: Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital transformation approach and techniques can have a huge positive impact on Peng’s business in case it is performed successfully (Unlocking success in digital transformations, 2018). The business can communicate with customers more effectively and be able to expand its customer base. When customers use the proposed new digital applications to place an order, Peng can…

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Peng’s Takeaway is Alive with Digital – Understanding Digital Transformation Options

Horizon Scan for fast-food Market in the UK The UK takeaway and fast-food restaurant sector are forecasted to generate $18.7bn in 2021. This represents a decrease of 7.7% compared to 2020 due to the negative operating conditions created by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and the ban on late-night deliveries. Despite this fall, growth in disposable…

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Peng’s Takeaway is Alive with Digital – SWOT & Current BPMN

Peng Chinese Takeaway, a family-run restaurant chain in the North of England, has been operating for 10 years. When Peng started his business, the business was small, where orders and the number of employees were limited. His business ran on a simple model in which Peng took orders from customers, prepared the food, and delivered…

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What Paper Says: Critique review of a research paper

Paper Title: Modern Views on the Gamification of Business Authors: Mikhail Vasilievich Vinichenko, Alexander Vasilievich Melnichuk, Andrei Vladimirovich Kirillov, Sergey Anatolyevich Summary of the research paper content New provisions and approaches to the gamification of various areas are being developed permanently in Russia and abroad to find solutions for the series of factors of both…

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Just Cloud It! Why Cloud Computing is Important for your Business?

Nowadays, we can not deny the importance of information systems to businesses. (Rutherford, 2020) Cloud computing has become a significant trend in the technology world. It represents a new wave of information systems evolution towards more flexibility, higher quality, and greater functionality (Frankenfield, 2020). It opens a vast horizon of application opportunities by making it possible to use…

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